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Designer, father, human being. Loves UX, UID, typography & to smoke good cigar's. Creater of Words App. Pretty face & electric soul. Believes we can make a better world. Read more here

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Flexible. Distributed. Modular. All connected PDUs are automatically displayed with the most important parameter displayed on the main screen.

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The Open Source Ghost Theme I use for this blog. It is the essence of my previous themes, Chiara and Phantome Times. Feel free to make the most of it yourself.

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Wondering who I am and what I do? Probably not. But if you are, check in here to get to know more about me and what I do. Looking forward on hearing from you.

About me

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On Readium and my other Ghost themes

Finally I updated my Open Source Ghost Theme "Readium". It has been quite a while since I last got around to take care of my Ghost themes. A lot of things have changed for me in the last year, some of them in my private life, some on the business side. As a result, I rarely had time to invest into my little side project. And I didn't like that. People started asking when I will continue evolving them. I ...

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